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BRYTECH works with clients to optimize and consolidate data centers, to deliver better services to the end-user while increasing return-on-investment to businesses.

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Brytech Data Center Improvement

Data center consolidation refers to technologies and strategies that allow for more efficient IT architectures. This can mean physically consolidating multiple data centers or just making a single large data center run more effectively on fewer resources. Data center consolidation can also be called IT consolidation, where standards for efficiency cover more than just a data center.

BRYTECH engineers are experts and data center migration and consolidation. We have a proven methodology that starts with a migration or consolidation plan and ends with a successful engagement. We provide the staff, the project management and the financial oversite to keep the project on time and under budget.

We have been trusted by government agencies and top 3 defense contractors with their consolidation efforts. You can rely on BRYTECH experience to ensure success.

A modern data center that is capable of responding to the dynamic needs of the business starts with a modern infrastructure that abstracts traditional infrastructure silos into a cohesive virtualized environment, supporting both legacy and cloud-native applications, and seamlessly extending across private and public clouds (see the figure below). The modern data center is an agile, service-oriented IT model that’s highly virtualized, automated, and can scale up

or down as required, with a consistent operational model for infrastructure and application management and delivery.

A modern data center is:

  • Software-defined. Compute, storage, and networking resources are virtualized and delivered as a service.
  • Enterprise-ready. A high-performance, hard- ware-independent infrastructure with robust IT and self-service management capabilities.
  • Secure and compliant. Micro-segmentation extends perimeter-based security and policy- based enforcement down to individual work- load instances and moves with the workloads.
  • Elastically scalable. Compute, storage, and networking resources are dynamically and automatically scaled up/out (and down/in) to meet highly variable workload requirements.
  • Extensible to the cloud. A unified platform that is seamlessly integrated and extensible to public and private clouds.
  • Ready for both traditional and cloud- native applications. Run traditional and cloud-native applications that leverage container technologies and microservices-based architectures on a common platform.
  • Highly automated. Automate the delivery and management of “production-ready” infrastructure and application components to dramatically reduce provisioning time, improve resource utilization, and eliminate manual error-prone processes.

BRYTECH can take you from a legacy data center to a modern, cloud-ready, orchestrated data center by leveraging or expert consultants, architects and field engineers.

Software-defined data center (SDDC) is a data center where all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. Control of the data center is fully automated by software, meaning hardware configuration is maintained through intelligent software systems.

Benefits of SDDC

  • Supplies a business-focused approach. SDDC supports how people work within the data center and throughout the organization through the automation of IT resource delivery through a unified process, so that your data center operates the way you want, not the way component or siloed technologies demand.
  • Simplifies data center management. The SDDC provides a single platform for monitoring, updating and scaling server, storage and networking resources.
  • Increases speed of service delivery. Automation and software-defined mapping of server, storage and networking resources provides increased agility, control, efficiency and reliability when deploying enterprise technology services.
  • Extends benefits of automation and orchestration. With a SDDC you can extend the benefits of automation and orchestration into any IT services delivery workflow. So IT services that were complex can now be deployed in a standard, repeatable fashion.
  • Improves security. A SDDC provides better security because it gives businesses more control over their hosted data and security levels.

BRYTECH can help you achieve a software-defined, highly flexible data center that is driven by business processes instead of IT processes.

Operational efficiency is the capability of an enterprise to deliver products or services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support.

Operational efficiencies unlock cost savings by changing the way you manage resources, often with little to no financial investment.

Examples of BRYTECH’s past performance:

A defense contractor on contract to a government agency had to deal with layers of management to get any type of change approved and scheduled. Their monitoring software used default alert thresholds. When an alert would trigger, they didn’t have enough time to get approvals to remediate. They were unaware of the problem because it seemed to occur infrequently, but when viewed across all of their IT verticals, it became apparent. The first step was to set the thresholds lower than the default.

The next step taken by BRYTECH was to help management categorize the risk in all of their routine IT functions. The goal was to create a subset of tasks that could be performed after normal business hours instead of waiting for a change window. This would also allow for a more streamlined approval process.

The result was that IT became more proactive, reducing outages and the associated costs. A secondary benefit is that change windows were freed up for strategic tasks instead of routine maintenance.

This example is a very small portion of the results realized by our clients. BRYTECH offers an efficiency assessment that helps you find the potential savings in your data center operations.

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