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"A rising tide lifts all shifts" as the saying goes, and this is especially true in the world of open-source software security, where it's rare that only a few vendors are affected by a bug or exploit. Read this blog to see why @Red Hat is committed to security leadership. #cybersecurity #opensource

We'd love to hear from you: what is your biggest challenge when it comes to securing the ever-increasing number of networked devices across an expanding security perimeter? Comment 👇with your answer. A critical enabler of digital transformation, #IoT poses unique cybersecurity challenges. @Palo Alto Networks IoT security solution ensures vital protection, while driving workforce productivity, business efficiency & profitability. See how.

Your organization's culture is formed by connecting your employees to each other, their managers and the company mission. How can @Microsoft Cloud for Retail help you make these connections? This blog shows the value of providing frontline workers with the right tools and technology to build a successful culture. Read the blog to learn how @Microsoft Cloud for Retail removes friction and streamlines daily tasks for frontline workers in retail. Let us know in the comments the culture challenges you're facing and if you'd like to discuss them in greater detail with one of our BryTech Inc. Microsoft Cloud for Retail experts. #MSRetail #MicrosoftCloud

With the right governance strategy, you can make your data work harder for you. What 6 challenges do you need to overcome first? Read this to prepare and learn why @IBM recommends a data fabric approach.

The cloud is a journey, not a destination. How is your organization's cloud journey going? If your path isn't perfectly clear, you'll want to see this blog by @Hewlett Packard Enterprise about how to find the best cloud experience. Perhaps the most important advice is to find a trusted partner that can guide you to a successful cloud strategy and help you find your organization's most efficient, cost-effective and beneficial cloud environment. Intrigued? Comment if you'd like to talk with one of our experts about getting an evaluation of your cloud strategy from BryTech Inc.. #HPE_GreenLake #cloud

Comment 👇 with your biggest cybersecurity concern. #Ransomware & data breaches are at the top of most lists—mainly because of their staggering costs. But there are other, potentially equally costly, attacks that IT decisionmakers need to prevent: #ZeroTrust

Looking for an easy way to start seamlessly connecting your customers, your people, and your data? @Microsoft Cloud for Retail brings together different data sources across the retail value chain and connects experiences throughout the shopper journey. Read the blog for insight on how you can instantly start elevating the shopping experience for your customers. #MSCloudforRetail #RetailCloud #retail

How important is the chief data officer (CDO) to your organization? Do you even have a CDO? Read this blog to learn more about this role, and what it can offer an organization. Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about maximizing your organization's data.

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