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In today's distributed workforce, employees are accessing company resources from more vulnerable environments and less secure devices.   To tackle this challenge, the PA-400 Series brings Next Generation Firewall capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices, retail locations and midsize businesses — in a small desktop form. If your business is looking to extend Zero Trust Network Security to your most remote locations or smallest branches, while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership, read this informative blog and contact a BryTech Inc. PA-400 expert to discuss next steps in your cybersecurity journey. #ZeroTrust #cybersecurity

Recycling isn't just for plastics ♻️. App modernization is the circular economy of IT, allowing you to repurpose existing applications and apply them to multiple use cases. Check out this case study to see how @IBM Cloud Pak solutions can help you break free of the monolith and get the most from your apps. #AI #CloudPak

Often requiring a top-down approach with cultural change, realignment of values and leadership endorsement, an organization's Sustainability Action Plan can be truly transformational. Your blueprint for starting the process: #ESG #sustainability

With #AzureArc, securing your #multicloud and #hybrid infrastructure is as easy as 1,2,3.

The surest way for a business to forfeit its competitive advantage is to not adapt to a changing landscape. And since #hybridwork represents a transformational change in how employees work and collaborate, businesses must invest in tech solutions that meet the unique demands of the hybrid workforce. Here's your blueprint for getting started:

Are you fully aware of all the significant benefits mixed reality can bring to your organization? Read the blog to learn how @Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your company transform by streamlining business processes and accelerating decision-making.

Growing businesses are under pressure to digitally transform. How do you do it cost-effectively? Drop us a note in the comments to discuss your options. This blog highlights the possibilities with the family of Aruba Instant On 1830 switches by @HP. Affordable and easy to deploy, these switch options are ideas for small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to meet growing network demands.

How can Microsoft's digital transformation facilitate your own digital journey? Read this: #Azure #CloudMigration

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