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Gain insights into how your company is meeting its environmental sustainability goals. 📊 Read this article to learn about the metrics, reporting and analysis tools in @Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

When building a hybrid cloud infrastructure, take the path of least resistance. This blog will point you in the right direction. Read it to learn how @IBM Spectrum Fusion offers a complete solution for Red Hat OpenShift hybrid cloud applications — enabling you to bypass roadblocks on your journey to hybrid cloud.

Ready to elevate your organization's IT game? See how @IBM Turbonomic new enhanced dashboards deliver more detailed insights in a simpler format with more customization and more seamless sharing than ever before. Read 👀 the blog to see everything enhanced Turbonomic dashboards have to offer. @IBM Turbonomic

Data centers account for 1-2% of global energy usage. Is cloud computing more energy efficient? 🌏 Read this article to learn five facts about the cloud and environmental sustainability.

As an IBM customer, you have specific needs, and you expect @IBM to deliver. Read this blog to learn about the changes IBM is making that enable it to meet the needs of its diverse client base. Find out how the IBM portfolio will become easier to navigate while better addressing its most pressing customer challenges.

From helping personalize customer engagement to building a real-time retail supply chain, improving productivity and proactively mitigating disruptions, @Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers truly transformative capabilities. Details: #AIpower

How will @microsoft-power-platform next-gen AI features for #PowerVirtualAgents and #AIBuilder drive a more intuitive experience for citizen developers and accelerate efficiency for professional developers? Find out 👇

Blast off 🚀 to the next cybersecurity frontier! With @Microsoft Security Copilot, you can navigate challenging threat landscapes at the speed and scale of #AI. Read the blog to learn how Microsoft Security Copilot augments the creativity and knowledge of your security team so you can deploy human ingenuity where it matters most.

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