Financial Flexibility

FIXED PAYMENT OPTIONS – HPE Greenlake Cloud Services

In the midst of budget constraints, government agencies face daily pressures to update and improve their IT systems.

For more than 20 years, BryTech, Inc. has worked with both civilian and federal agencies to fulfill a wide range of business and mission critical projects. As experts in compliance and regulatory issues, we offer industry-leading knowledge and fast, reliable alternative funding options. An extended payment plan can ease budget constraints and expedite the procurement process, enabling you to acquire the total solution you need and pay for it over time.

This allows you to:
  • Acquire and deploy the total solution with one order
  • Combine multivendor products and services in the same transaction
  • Bundle products, services, and training under a single, customized payment plan
  • Select midterm upgrades and add-ons to reduce the risk of obsolescence
  • Choose end-of-term options to accommodate growth and changing business needs
Additional benefits of extended payments include:
  • Expedited deployment and fixed pricing for multiyear contracts
  • Antideficiency Act (ADA) compliance
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-compliant documents for faster implementation
  • Minimized administrative and procurement costs
  • Lower cost of ownership
Free up capital and foster financial flexibility
The accompanying diagram shows general, estimated costs and potential savings using an extended multiyear contract with fixed, monthly payments compared to a traditional, annual budget procurement process over a three-year period.

Fragmented buying schedules often mean less efficiency and higher costs. Additional downsides:

  • A short-term approach nullifies multiyear discounts
  • Shrinking, annual budgets = less buying power
  • Limited, annual budget constraints force a less- efficient, fragmented acquisition strategy
  • Annual procurement methods increase the risk of unknown inflation and year-over-year price increases

A comprehensive extended payment plan covers the entire project expense with one contract. You can also:

  • Reduce administrative burdens/costs
  • Leverage your annual budget as a first-year payment to acquire the total solution immediately
  • Earn hard savings through maximum discounts for maintenance renewals
  • Lock-in pricing for the life of the contract; eliminate uncertainty for out-year budgets

Agencies are inundated with modernizing legacy systems to meet the demands of today’s technology. Federal managers report that 47% of their budget goes to maintain obsolete or deficient IT resources. At the same time, they are forced to complete critical projects with limited budgets and annual budget cycles.

BryTech, Inc. teams with Primes and technology companies like HPE Greenlake Cloud Services, to structure flexible payment options over multiple fiscal years for technology and services. Our solutions are FAR compliant, accelerating your ability to get the job done today.

BryTech Bundled Solutions

BryTech Bundled Solutions

  • Base plus Option Year contract
  • Captures entire requirement/mission
  • Optimizes base-year budget as initial payment
  • Soft savings: Reduced administrative, budgeting, and planning expenses
  • Tangible savings: reduced costs and maintenance renewals with best discounts

BryTech Inc., with strategic partners like HPE Greenlake Cloud Services, provides direct capital to help our prime and agency clients expedite transactions, build relationships, and increase efficiencies. Our strength lies in a deep understanding of government procurement, federal contracts, and FAR requirements and the ability to customize payment plans to meet the needs of our customers and their constituencies.