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A common problem for public sector systems administrators is that they regularly have to learn new languages and juggle through different environments in each subsystem. How much easier would the job be if the OS was standardized? Read this @Red Hat blog about the value of standardizing an OS, from significant gains in efficiency and a reduction in time to market.

5 key steps to Zero Trust ? #SecuredByPANW

If you're still using @Microsoft 's on-premise MFA Server, it's time to move up to Azure MFA with enhanced security and reduced TCO. The latest MFA migration utility makes it easier. Read about it here. ? Tell us if you'd like a demo.

Operational excellence isn't just about increasing efficiencies or ROI — it's about creating a roadmap for continuous improvement in today's complex business environment. Learn how automation can help achieve operational excellence in this blog. #OperationalExcellence #Automation

Microsoft is revolutionizing how sales teams sell to and engage prospects with ground-breaking AI-powered experiences. Intrigued? Read this blog to learn about a new generative GPT seller experience in @Microsoft Viva Sales.

Is your business prepared for environmental compliance? The SEC recently proposed to standardize how organizations make climate-related disclosures. The proposed rule would require US publicly traded companies to disclose how they're assessing, measuring and managing climate-related risks. Read the @IBM article to learn more.

When was the last time you revisited your data strategy? Share this post to start a conversation. Technology evolves quickly, and machine learning and AI allow you to get more valuable insights from your data. Don't miss out - read this @IBM blog for 5 recommendations to get your data strategy right. #AI #datastrategy

Is your organization looking for ways to power your day-to-day employee experiences? Load testing is helping @Microsoft gain insight into the IoT sensor data it collects to significantly improve employee workplace experiences. DM us to discuss next steps. #MSIoT

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