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Slow, underpowered IT infrastructure can really get in the way of your company's plans for growth. Check out this blog to learn how to optimize, scale and do more with less with @IBM Spectrum Fusion systems.

Over 63,0000 organizations are getting great results by reimaging service experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot. You can, too. This blog can inspire some ideas. Read it to see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot helps customers like Campari Group, Leatherman Tool Group and Northrop & Johnson break down data silos & enhance customer interactions. Then tell us if you'd like to learn how BryTech Inc. can help you turn your ideas into action. @Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you facing roadblocks on the path to a hybrid cloud infrastructure? Learn how to overcome obstacles. Check out this blog and see how @IBM Spectrum Fusion offers a complete solution for Red Hat OpenShift hybrid cloud applications. #hybridcloud

Edge computing represents a huge opportunity for public agencies — but it also increases your attack surface. @Red Hat's "The State of Edge Security Report" surveyed 300 engineering and security professionals around the world to help you better understand where edge deployments are in terms of maturity, scale and security challenges. Read this blog to see some of the key findings and learn how to optimize your edge. #edgesecurity #Edge

A modern, agile IT infrastructure allows organizations to unlock the potential of new technologies such as AI, analytics, and automation. But modernization isn't easy. Read this article to see how AIOps takes some of the complexity out of the process. #AIOps #automation

Ready to harness the potential of AI? Read this Microsoft blog, "Azure OpenAI Service: 10 Ways Generative AI is Transforming Businesses." A must-read, the post dives into how AI is revolutionizing industries with personalized marketing, chatbots and virtual assistants, product and service innovation, and cybersecurity. Read on to learn how you can tap into these game-changing innovations in your business.

What do you know about DDMRP? Short for "Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning," it can help you improve supply chain efficiency. Read this article for insight ? Let us know if you'd like to discuss how we can help you use it to increase your supply chain's efficiency.

Microsoft is helping to transform #sustainability with its cloud platform. How can @Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability help you advance sustainability at your company? Read this blog post to explore the latest features delivering higher levels of insight — like Scope 3 waste data.

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