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? Where's the link between security and threat intelligence? Get answers from the Microsoft Security blog, "Security is Only as Good as Your Threat Intelligence." Read it here for insight on proactive threat detection, security tools and threat intelligence strategy. @Microsoft Security

One of Red Hat's greatest strengths is that it enables the deployment of most products anywhere, from a bare-metal server to virtualization. Read this blog to learn how to use @Red Hat Enterprise Linux outside of your data center. #RHEL

What challenges does rapid cloud adoption present? Uncover hidden risks, protect your data and stay ahead of cyber threats. Read this article and arm ? yourself with the knowledge you need to fortify your defenses.

@Red Hat Enterprise Linux now supports Always On availability groups for Microsoft SQL Server. Read this blog to learn how to automate them in 6 minutes.

Approximately two-thirds of organizations are focused on digital transformation. That means they need to deliver software and services to their customers faster, but still need stability and security. Read this blog to see why they turn to @Red Hat subscriptions. #digitaltransformation

Don't waste your hard-earned business assets through poor maintenance, overuse or even lack of use. Read this @IBM article to get advice and best practices to maximize value through asset lifecycle maintenance.

What happens when human talent meets AI? Read this blog to see how @IBM Watson Orchestrate helps you unlock new levels of productivity. The workforce of the future was born digital — Watson makes sure you're finding and attracting the talent you need to keep your business running.

Your business needs a cost-effective customer contact centre that can scale on demand and can provide your customers with personalized experiences. Welcome to the cloud! ⛅ Read this article to learn the benefits of a cloud contact centre. ?

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