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Are you ready to: • Maximize the value of your customer data • Empower your store associates • Elevate the shopping experience for both your in-store and online customers The time to start growing your business is now! Contact BryTech Inc. and talk to one of our Microsoft Cloud for Retail experts to discuss next steps. @Microsoft #MSCloudRetail

Virtual desktops empower your IT teams with greater control, scalability & efficiency. But what about security? @Palo Alto Networks & @Nutanix have you covered with an elite #ZeroTrust solution for your virtualized environment. DM or comment 👇 for pricing and implementation details.

Azure Neural TTS enhancements make it easier to create multilingual chatbots that speak with more lifelike brand voices. Speak up if you'd like a walkthrough of features with a Microsoft Azure expert from BryTech Inc..

An all-encompassing approach to Zero Trust for secure access is critical for safeguarding productivity in the new reality of remote, mobile, and hybrid work. Adopt Zero Trust across the Network Security Stack with industry-leading innovations. #SecuredByPANW

The need for scale-out storage and the trend towards hyper-converged infrastructure is driving adoption of Ethernet-based storage networks. How does it work? Read this blog about @Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company CX 8325 switches and storage fabrics and how they're bringing greater consistency, predictability and performance to modern storage environments.

Data is at the heart of digital transformation and unifying #analytics is essential to harnessing the full value of data. @HPE GreenLake for analytics cloud services delivers: 1. Seamless experience for a variety of analytics, SQL, and data science users 2. Optimal performance 3. Choice and open ecosystem by leveraging pure open source in a hybrid environment 4. An intense focus on reducing TCO Learn more:

Cyberattacks won't go away, but at the same time, they're not the boogeyman they often seem to be. Read this blog to learn how to protect your information assets and avoid sleepless nights with robust security hygiene and a Zero Trust mindset. #cybersecurity #zerotrust

With mission-critical workloads on the rise, there's a real need for denser, faster data center infrastructures. Tell us if you think 400Gbps are realistic. Not sure? Read this blog from @HPE.

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