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You've invested unprecedented time, money and human capital into #cybersecurity. Unfortunately, you are still at risk due to the weakest link in your security infrastructure: human error.

😨 Growing #cyberthreats. 😬 Siloed data increasing cost and risk while lowering efficiency. 😩 Inconsistent protection policies. These are the realities underpinning the modern IT landscape. Fortunately, @HPE GreenLake has you covered.

There's a rush to incorporate AI into everything, but not every process is a candidate. What's your timeframe? To see whether you're on track, check out this video and blog for a framework that helps answer the question "to automate or not to automate." And if the result is "to automate," get in touch with one of our @IBM RPA experts to take the next steps. #AI #RPA

#Azure costs can add up quickly, blowing up your budget and creating operational uncertainty. Here's a step-by-step guide to Azure cost optimization:

❓Are you thinking about hopping on the IT automation train? Whether you're an expert, or you're just starting out in your IT automation journey, here are 12 @Red Hat webinars that you can watch right now.

Looking for a way to simplify broad-scale deployment of collaborations that involve repairs and inspections. With a mix of live video calling, mixed-reality (MR) annotations and high-resolution snapshots, tech teams using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile or @Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile) can share what they see with the remote collaborator to troubleshoot problems together, faster. Read the blog for insight and DM us to get in touch for a one-on-one walk through with a mixed reality expert atBryTech Inc.. #MSDyn365

In today's distributed workforce, employees are accessing company resources from more vulnerable environments and less secure devices.   To tackle this challenge, the PA-400 Series brings Next Generation Firewall capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices, retail locations and midsize businesses — in a small desktop form. If your business is looking to extend Zero Trust Network Security to your most remote locations or smallest branches, while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership, read this informative blog and contact a BryTech Inc. PA-400 expert to discuss next steps in your cybersecurity journey. #ZeroTrust #cybersecurity

Recycling isn't just for plastics ♻️. App modernization is the circular economy of IT, allowing you to repurpose existing applications and apply them to multiple use cases. Check out this case study to see how @IBM Cloud Pak solutions can help you break free of the monolith and get the most from your apps. #AI #CloudPak

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