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Looking for AI solutions that live up to the hype? Let us introduce you to the result of @IBM innovation - a neuro-vector-symbolic architecture that gives AI a dramatic boost, enabling it to solve a sophisticated IQ test with an 88% success rate. Read the blog and imagine the implications sophisticated AI models could have on your business. #AI #neurosymbolicAI

The public sector is under a lot of pressure from stakeholders to modernize services, while keeping sensitive data secure. Read this to learn how it's possible to do both with the availability of Azure @Red Hat OpenShift for Microsoft Government. #datasecurity

Speed and security are two, digital transformation success factors. That's where Red Hat subscriptions come in. Read this blog for insight. @Red Hat #digitaltransformation

How can you foster deliberate innovation with open-source software? Read how @IBM 's Open-Source Incubator ensures digital transformation advances innovations that resolve real business needs. #opensource #digitaltransformation

Have you heard about DDMRP? The latest evolution in MRP, DDMRP (Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning) can improve your supply chain efficiency. Let us know if you'd like to discuss how we can help you use it to increase your supply chain's efficiency. And read this for more insight.💡

What's your IT carbon footprint? Understanding where IT operations uses energy is the first step to green computing. Read this blog to learn how hybrid cloud can help save all kinds of green 💵.

Data fabric architectures are great but can pose problems for smaller businesses. How can you resolve today's problems quickly and prevent future integration nightmares? Read this blog and see how @IBM Cloud Pak for Data Express delivers a long-term solution.

Struggling to meet evolving customer expectations? Discover how Dynamics 365 can help reshape your service approach. @Microsoft Dynamics 365

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