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When was the last time you revisited your data strategy? Share this post to start a conversation. Technology evolves quickly, and machine learning and AI allow you to get more valuable insights from your data. Don't miss out - read this @IBM blog for 5 recommendations to get your data strategy right. #AI #datastrategy

Is your organization looking for ways to power your day-to-day employee experiences? Load testing is helping @Microsoft gain insight into the IoT sensor data it collects to significantly improve employee workplace experiences. DM us to discuss next steps. #MSIoT

Employee well-being and connectedness. Supply chain problems. Changing financial models. Forrester says these 3 forces are driving companies to service-centric business models & project-based operations. What's driving yours?

When Forrester named the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform a leader in infrastructure automation, we thought that great news. Its availability on @AWS makes it even better! Learn what sets Ansible apart in this article 👉 @Red Hat

What are the biggest cyber-risks you face in your post-quantum, public sector environment? ✅Dated, asymmetric key exchange algorithms ✅ Exploitable pre-quantum devices ✅ Cryptographic blindness With standards-based and compliant quantum-grade security from QuSecure and Red Hat, BryTech Inc. can help you address all of the above and more. Download this solution brief for an overview of QuProtect.TM @Red Hat @QuSecure

Garner reports 95% of supply chains must quickly react to changing conditions, but only 7% are able to execute decisions in real time. What does this spell for the supply chain future? Share your predictions in the comments. Read the blog to hear what @Gartner has to say 👇

Have you mapped out your journey to the cloud? Tell us how BryTech Inc. can help get you started. We suggest also reading this @Microsoft blog sharing lessons learned on its own cloud journey. #Microsoft #Azure

What are you doing to identify applications in your organization that are vulnerable to #Log4j? Learn exactly how the @Palo Alto Networks Cortex Xpanse detects security vulnerabilities in your digital attack surface and mitigates risks. Available from BryTech Inc. — contact us for a free consultation & demo. #SecuredByPANW #cybersecurity

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